The Special Session on Agent-Based Social Simulation, Modelling and Big-Data Analytics (ABM) will act as a bridge between Agent based Modelling (ABM) and Big Data Analytics. On one hand, Social Simulation (SS) brings together the multi-agent systems (MAS) and agent-based modelling (ABM) communities. Social Simulation is a multi-disciplinary effort that has increasingly established new challenges for the Artificial Intelligence and Multiagent Systems community, by bringing the agent technology to face complex phenomena such as the ones found in social sciences. On the other hand, since social life could not be conceived without social interactions, bid data analytics emerge as a way to model, explore and analyze the structures of the underlying data, understand the dependence of relevant factors and detect important patterns in the data. This special session aims at presenting the most recent advances in Social Simulation, Modelling and Big-Data Analytics from a strong computer science and Artificial Intelligence stance, including the possibility of modelling agents in social networks, in a temporal, and/or spatial level.


  • Social Simulation
  • Social environment modelling
  • Policy applications
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Simulation of Economical applications
  • Visualisation and analytic tools
  • Sensor Networks and Agents
  • Social Simulation and Clustering with Agents
  • Social Simulation and Predicting with Agents
  • Tensor Factorization and Agent-Based Modelling
  • Agent Social Network Interactions
  • Complex data analytics and Agent-Based Modelling
  • Other related subjects


Organizing Committee

  • Luis Antunes, Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)
  • Pedro Campos, Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto (Portugal)


Luis Antunes

Pedro Campos