The dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm has brought a series of novel services and applications never imagined few time ago. Many buzzwords such as smart cities, smart homes, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) show the democratization of the “things”. However, “things” usually present notable limitations regarding both communication and processing capabilities. From this landscape, Software Agents as well as Virtualization techniques arise with the aim of developing more complex IoT services based on users’ needs. This synergy is evident in recent research advances integrated within the fog and edge computing paradigms in IoT scenarios. In a later stage, data collected from end-devices should be processed using a computing paradigm and taking advantage of Big Data algorithms. This with the aim of developing user-centric services or directly supporting the proper autonomous functioning of “things”.
This special session wants to exploit the momentum in these domains, by inviting researchers to contribute with original works in topics covering the development of Software Agents and Virtualization techniques for IoT systems through analysis, simulation and field trials.


  • Agentification” of things
  • Virtualization platforms for IoT
  • Agent-based simulation and prediction for IoT
  • User-centric IoT networks
  • Intelligent IoT Spaces
  • Distributed IoT end-device coordination
  • End-device cooperation and negotiation through virtualization techniques
  • IoT-based agent-user interfaces
  • Fog computing for IoT
  • Edge Computing for IoT
  • Reputation, trust, privacy and security in IoT-based virtualized systems


Organizing Committee

  • Ramon Sanchez-Iborra, University of Murcia (Spain)
  • Emilio Serrano, Technical University of Madrid (Spain)

Program Committee

  • Diego Martín de Andrés, Technical University of Madrid (Spain)
  • Antonio Guillén Pérez, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)
  • Ramón Alcarria Garrido, Technical University of Madrid (Spain)
  • Jose Manuel Martínez Caro, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (Spain)
  • Javier Bajo Perez, Technical University of Madrid (Spain)
  • Jose Santa, University of Murcia (Spain)
  • Emilio Serrano, Technical University of Madrid (Spain)
  • Ramon Sanchez-Iborra, University of Murcia (Spain)


Ramon Sanchez-Iborra
University of Murcia (Spain)

Emilio Serrano
Technical University of Madrid (Spain)